Friday, November 16, 2012

Couch to 5k progress

I downloaded a new couch to 5k app in an attempt to get back on track.  I have done a few walk/runs and do notice that it gets easier each time.  The cold stinks though and it is really hard to get motivated to run when the temparature is simply frigid. 

I enlisted the motivation of a co-worker who will be getting me out there to run on a more routine basis.  With the upcoming holiday, next week will be difficult but we have scheduled the time for Monday the 26th.  Having someone to be accountable to definitely makes it impossible to throw in the towel.  She is a fitness nut so I am sure she will ultimately kick my hiney into gear!

I am also looking for some cold gear that will not tear holes in my budget so I can stay warm and cozy.  I got shin splints on the last attempt and I am wondering if the cold may have been the culprit.  I am going to add more stretching and see if that helps.