Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekly Recap - Week Ending 4.28.13 and plan for the upcoming week!

This past week was a low mileage week.  I ate some things I really shouldn't have.  Got lazy when I shouldn't have.

Not all was negative...I did do something worthwhile this week!  I researched clean eating.  I read up on the different levels and variations.  I have heard much about the new eating style and like every other "diet" (I use that term very loosely) I wanted to see what the masses were saying.

Clean eating is truly more of a eating plan and less of a diet.  Those of you who know me know that I had a ton of success on a low carb diet about 7 years ago, however, 6.5 years ago I became a vegetarian.  That makes low carb dieting extremely difficult as most meatless protein sources contain carbs (I do eat eggs and fish but you get sick of them after a while!).  I do remember that when I was on the low carb regime I ate small frequent meals and it seemed like I ate all the time!  This diet promotes the same timing with smaller meals to keep you full throughout the day.

My obstacles will be:

1.  I must plan my meals (I get LAZY!)
2.  I must make sure I get enough protein
3.  I must eat enough (I tend to under pack lunches and end up starvin' marvin'!)

I think this plan has variations from the extreme to what I dub to be "realistic" and I am going to try to make the majority of my eating fall into the "clean" category but not fault myself if I have some "non-clean" items in a day.  There is only so much you can do!

I know I feel better when I am juicing - why??? - because there is no crap in my food...because it is healthy...because I end up eating more then I normally do when "dieting".  I am anticipating the same from this plan.

I will not give up my coffee or my wine.  Sorry folks - there are just some things that need to stay close to the heart!  I will give it a week and re-assess to see where I am...and I will not obsess over the scale while I am in my week phase (I didn't say I wasn't weighing in but I won't cry when I do.)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Weekly Inspiration 4.24.13

Yesterday was my birthday!  While I would love to say that I have rocked so far this week in terms of mileage that would be a big fat lie...  What I can say is that I am making time where I can to do what I can in the midst of parties, dinners and bingos in celebration of...ME!  YAY!

I am not perfect but I am happy with what I have accomplished so far and proud of what I have achieved.  I am trying to increase the amount of each  run segment  and focusing less on total mileage and mile times - that will come in time.  The race is not too far away and I need to be semi ready... but I said I was going to have fun, spend time with family and friends doing something absolutely awesome...and that is exactly what I am going to do!  I can't wait to be rainbow colored - it is going to be awesome!!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Weekly Inspiration 4.18.13

Over the past 2 weeks my knees have felt better and I have not had the pain in my shins.  I have backed off a little on the mileage but have also increased the distance of my run segments on our runs.  Jonathan signed up for cross-country and I am so happy as he seems to love it.  I must say that I have been pretty happy and am looking forward to more good things to come!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Goal Update 4.15.13

So my goal for this week is to take a step back, look at my crazy life and develop a good plan.  Not just for workouts but to make time for everything. 

Life has been hectic with my husband starting back to work, kids changing daycare schedules, kids sports changes, etc.  I need to make sure there is a balance in my life between stuff for me, stuff for kids, home responsibilities, and date time for my hubby and I.  Of course I will make sure to get in some run/walks and keep some mileage on the logs.

Good news has been that my knee is feeling better (despite me twisting it yesterday when I was helping my daughter with her crafts).  I think giving it a little rest and making sure it is taped has been helping.

I am also planning a visit to Charm City Run to get fitted for a new pair of kicks.  As my birthday (UGH) is coming up I figured I would get something I would definitely use...and I LOVE shoes of any kind!

I have just been very disconnected and feeling like nothing has been getting done - the organization will definitely help with that!

Weekly Recap - Week ending 4.14.13

So I ran 6 miles last week and added in a little elliptical to up the mileage.  It has been a hard transition from frigid to hot but I know I can do it!  Hoping for some good weather over the next week.

The upcoming week will be busy as Cross Country practice will be starting.  Although my younger son said he is just trying it out I know he will love it and be making new friends so I am already planning on another 2 days (min) of practice for him.  My older son wants to join Baseball (after being asked 4 times and him declining...) so I have to see what can be done to get him signed up for this year (figure in another 2 practices).  I need a solid plan.  And the dear little girl with her dance/ do mom's do this stuff???

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Weekly Inspiration 4.3.13

I failed last week because I failed to plan.  I allowed myself to fly by the seat of my pants.  I can't beat myself up over the past week - I think every now and then you need to be impulsive but this week I need to make sure I make a plan and stick to it so that I can be proud of what I have done.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Goal Update 4.1.13

Fitness: The mileage last week stunk so I need to make it to the 15 mile minimum goal this week!  I will keep my goal at the minimum of 15 min per mile.

Hydration: I need to drink water!!!

Vitamins: Still need to remember to take those vitamins!  I was doing soooo good and now I am seriously slacking! 

I was very dissapointed with my workouts last week and I will use that to motivate myself to do better this week!

Weekly Recap - Week ending 3.30.13

The week stunk in terms of workouts.  Between the days out of the office at meetings, the Easter holiday and the weather the workouts just didn't happen.  I am chalking it up to a bad week and moving on.

The weather is still cold and windy.  I desperately need the sunshine!  Apparently the upcoming week is supposed to be just as nasty.  I am determined to get the miles in though.  I was so depressed this past week with the laziness and I can't do that again!