Monday, March 25, 2013

Goal Update 3.25.13

Fitness: Upped my mileage last week like I wanted to.  Since I have been consistent with the "over 10 mile goal I will try to up my mileage to a minimum of 15 per week (combo of the elliptical and runs).  Time will still be a minimum of 15.

Hydration:  Still am not in the habit of drinking as much as I should.  I will still need to force myself to drink up!

Vitamins:  Another crappy week of vitamin taking.  I need to do better!

Good week all in all but I need to focus on the little things as I seem to be getting in the habit of the runs/elliptical.

Weekly recap - Week ending 3.24.13

Last week was good - I almost doubled my minimum mileage.  Put in a ton of time on the elliptical therefore no sore knees.  Even though everyone "says" it's spring it really doesn't feel like it.  I can't wait for the sunshine to motivate me to get back outside.  As I type this the snow is falling.  We've gotten about 5 inches so far.  Next week will be tougher. I am off work on Monday and will miss my lunch run on Tuesday so I will have to work hard at home to make up for the missed days.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Inspiration 3.20.13

I have neglected my elliptical for a while now and I forgot how much I loved it.  It doesn't hurt my knees and it has always been a great way to improve my cardio.  Since I have limited time to get outside and run as the weather has been very unpredictable I am making time by adding new things to my routine.  Instead of trying to "find" time I am going to make the time and fit in what I can - even if it means multi-tasking and working out while catching up on my favorite shows.  It is important that I not let my aching knees sabotage my wrkout and that I find other ways to keep pushing myself!

I am also hoping that the increase in my cardio/mileage will help things to start moving again!  It would be a pleasant surprise!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Goal Update 3.18.13

Fitness: Seriously slacked last week - I CAN DO BETTER!  I still think I need some time off between runs but I need to do other things and make it one more.  My times were OK last week but not great.  I need to get them back up again.  They were still under 15 but barely.  The weather looks yucky and I have a day off work this week.  I am telling myself to work out on my day off work and not lay around at home!

Hydration:  Stunk at drinking water but the coffee consumption is still better.  I need to drink more (typing as I am gulping!).

Vitamins:  Stunk at this too.  Ignoring the alarm.  Very bad.  Need to do better!

All in all I had a poo week.  I guess we are all entitled to a low mileage crappy week due to life's other challenges (whatever they may be).  Still - in looking back - I am not satisfied so I guess that is a good thing.  I know I can do better and I am determined to do just that!

Weekly recap - Week ending 3.17.13

So...I was not as happy with my progress this past week as I have been in the past.  Feel like the dude in the picture above that just la-di-da'ed his way through the weekly workouts.  Copped out more times than I care to mention but I still made my minimum miles for the week.  I can't beat myself up too badly as I did accomplish my goals but I feel like I did the bare minimum.  Total mileage for the week =10.4 (some of that was elliptical due to the weather).  I I think I am bummed because I know I can do better and I have seen myself do better.  The weekend was very busy and I am super pissed that I didn't get a chance to go out and do Saturday and Sunday because I missed my weekend warrior trophy on earndit!  Now I have to do it all over again!  But I know I will and I can!

This week will be better!!!!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Inspiration 3.12.13

Today's inspiration is in part the pic above and in part my little girl.  The mantra above reminds me that we all progress at different rates...we run at different paces...we eat differently...  No matter what progress we see we must be thankful for it no matter how small.  I have been so proud of the improvement in my mile times and I am sticking with it.  I had a mile a few days ago that was under 13 minutes!  I was soooooo happy!

My little girl is at times a fashion trainwreck but she rocks her style and is happy as can be.  She is proof that we are all unique!  She has reminded me not to compare my results to others and to be happy with my accomplishments as that is all that matters.  She is her own person - as we should all be!  I am thankful that I have such brilliant children!  They are wise beyond their years!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Goal Update

Fitness: The day off between runs seems to be working.  This week will be hard as I am also working around the weather and other peoples schedules.  I will do my best to get the days of work and the days of rest (or at least another activity) in the mix.  In reviewing my mile times over the last few weeks I have been somewhere between 13:30 and 15:00 per mile.  I will work to maintain that level and be shooting for the lower numbers!

Hydration:  Drink water!!!  I have found myself drinking more water and less java.  I need to keep it up!

Vitamins: There are good days and there are bad days...Still working on remembering these consistently but I am doing better.

Weekly Recap - Week ending 3.10.13

I feel good about my workouts this week.  I snuck in some workout time on the weekends and tried to run every other day to give myself a rest.  I have seen my mile times improve significantly over the last few weeks and have been able to keep my run times around 14 if not lower which is awesome!

Still no progress on the weight...those last few pounds are stuck and happy where they are.  At least I can see the changes in my shape and that keeps me going.

I still have the nagging pains when I run but I feel better about the length of the run sections and have been trying to increase the frequency. 

Fingers crossed for another good week!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Inspiration 3.6.13

I am still fighting the pains in my legs but amazingly enough I have improved my time.  It has shown that even though I hurt like hell I can still do this!  So - I will continue to push and if I have to stop and stretch then so be it!  I still rock and I am still getting better at this.  My day off on Monday was good and I loved the bike on Sunday as itgave my achy legs a break (while still getting my butt off the couch!).  I need to make weekend plans as this week looks gloomy - pray the snow melts fast!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Goal Update

Fitness:  Focus on giving myself a day of rest every now and then and continue to work to improve my mile time.  Keep running miles under 15 minutes per mile.

**Forgot to add that I am focusing on drinking water...2 glasses down so far today**

Vitamins:  Apparently I am bad at taking these on the weekend especially so this week I will make a conscience effort to remember.  Those darn games get in my way sometimes!

Weekly Recap - Week ending 3.3.13

I am happy with my progress last week!  I got out every day and although Idon't think that will be possible every week it certainly felt awesome. I did a trail run and got my best mile time - even though it was a short run it felt good to see that number.  I will keep pushing this week!