Monday, July 9, 2012

Hungry Girl

My biggest battle is always FOOD!  I absolutely love to eat...and I eat a lot.  One of the goals over the course of this journey has been to incorporate more "home cooked" meals into my meal plan.  I have never been the type to "diet".

I am currently a Vegetarian (although I do eat fish, dairy and eggs).  I made this decision about 5 1/2 years ago for health reasons.  People typically assume that being a vegetarian of any kind means that you are extremely health conscience and eat very well.  In my book, cookies and candy fit just fine into a vegetarian diet like mine.  I am a junkie and I struggle every day to choose healthy options over Reese's cups.

One of my choices has been juicing.  I have incorporated occasional meals of fruit and vegetable juices.  I have gotten some good recipes off of and  I have also downloaded the sparkpeople app for my phone to encourage me to eat healthy meals.  They have some really good recipes on there as well.  I am absolutely loving the roasted squash filled with apples and a smidge of brown sugar.  Yummy.

I have fallen off the juicing wagon in the last few weeks and I want to try to get back on.  I am even thinking of taking the juicer on vacation to keep me from eating everything that is not nailed down.

Walking has also been difficult with the heat wave.  At least this week we are supposed to be back down to some normal temperatures.  Thank goodness!

Stay cool!

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