Friday, January 18, 2013

January in review (so far...)

Juicing -

I completed my week of juicing and felt wonderful.  I had really good intentions of continuing it for an additional week but the grocery store just didn't make it into my schedule.  When you run out of veggies you eat what's available...

I will consider adding more into the coming week as I really love the energy it gives me.

Running Progress -

It is funny...up to this point people have stopped me and asked if I ran.  My reply was always no as I never considered the minimal amount of running I did as real "running".  Over the past few weeks I have started to reply with more "yes" than "no".  It's funny but I don't know what has changed.  I am not sure if it is becuase I am pushing myself each week to do more.  Maybe it is the amount of miles I see myself doing each week.  Whatever the change is I'll take it.  I am thankful for the support and encouragement that I have been getting and the praise for my looks.

Today is a day off and I think I deserve it.  I have worked hard and need to give my aching body a rest.

At least I am thinking of working out on the weekends.  Not that I will do it...but the thought is there!

Here's to an awesome weekend!

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