Friday, March 21, 2014

Welcome Spring

Yesterday was the first official day of Spring!  Since November I have been slacking on my workouts.  With the Summer season becoming ever closer, it is time I again ramp up the workouts.  I have began walking (with some jogging mixed in :) ). I have also started a push-up challenge because...back fat sucks and so do saggy boobs!  So far:

Tuesday - walked 1/2 hour
Wednesday - walked 1/2 hour (2 miles), walk/jog .75 miles in evening, 2 sets of 5 push-ups and crunches

I am planning on going out in a bit and will post the mileage. Co-workers are charged with keeping me accountable.

I have also started reducing the caffeine.  Wish me luck.  I typically drink 3 pots per day.  So far I have about 2 cups of half caf and the rest of the day I am on decaf.  No headaches yet (surprisingly). 

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