Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 Miles

I was attempting to track my total mileage for 2012 but I am hitting a brick wall.  Will have to develop a better system this year.

Of the reports I was able to get...I had 120 miles by foot (not counting the biking I did in the summer).

27.7 miles were in the month of December so I know this total is waaayyyy off but I am not worrying about it at this point.  I am sure it will eventually bother me and I will take the time to combine all the different tracking systems I used over the year before I found the one I liked andI will come up with a real total.

I will take any ideas about a simple mileage tracker if anyone has one to share.  Right now it is a toss up between Garmin connect and MapMyFitness. Both are good but they are just not set up to communicate the way I want them to.  I need a stinking widget that will do it all!


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