Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekly Recap - Week Ending 4.28.13 and plan for the upcoming week!

This past week was a low mileage week.  I ate some things I really shouldn't have.  Got lazy when I shouldn't have.

Not all was negative...I did do something worthwhile this week!  I researched clean eating.  I read up on the different levels and variations.  I have heard much about the new eating style and like every other "diet" (I use that term very loosely) I wanted to see what the masses were saying.

Clean eating is truly more of a eating plan and less of a diet.  Those of you who know me know that I had a ton of success on a low carb diet about 7 years ago, however, 6.5 years ago I became a vegetarian.  That makes low carb dieting extremely difficult as most meatless protein sources contain carbs (I do eat eggs and fish but you get sick of them after a while!).  I do remember that when I was on the low carb regime I ate small frequent meals and it seemed like I ate all the time!  This diet promotes the same timing with smaller meals to keep you full throughout the day.

My obstacles will be:

1.  I must plan my meals (I get LAZY!)
2.  I must make sure I get enough protein
3.  I must eat enough (I tend to under pack lunches and end up starvin' marvin'!)

I think this plan has variations from the extreme to what I dub to be "realistic" and I am going to try to make the majority of my eating fall into the "clean" category but not fault myself if I have some "non-clean" items in a day.  There is only so much you can do!

I know I feel better when I am juicing - why??? - because there is no crap in my food...because it is healthy...because I end up eating more then I normally do when "dieting".  I am anticipating the same from this plan.

I will not give up my coffee or my wine.  Sorry folks - there are just some things that need to stay close to the heart!  I will give it a week and re-assess to see where I am...and I will not obsess over the scale while I am in my week phase (I didn't say I wasn't weighing in but I won't cry when I do.)

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