Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekly Recap - Week ending 4.14.13

So I ran 6 miles last week and added in a little elliptical to up the mileage.  It has been a hard transition from frigid to hot but I know I can do it!  Hoping for some good weather over the next week.

The upcoming week will be busy as Cross Country practice will be starting.  Although my younger son said he is just trying it out I know he will love it and be making new friends so I am already planning on another 2 days (min) of practice for him.  My older son wants to join Baseball (after being asked 4 times and him declining...) so I have to see what can be done to get him signed up for this year (figure in another 2 practices).  I need a solid plan.  And the dear little girl with her dance/ do mom's do this stuff???

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