Monday, April 15, 2013

Goal Update 4.15.13

So my goal for this week is to take a step back, look at my crazy life and develop a good plan.  Not just for workouts but to make time for everything. 

Life has been hectic with my husband starting back to work, kids changing daycare schedules, kids sports changes, etc.  I need to make sure there is a balance in my life between stuff for me, stuff for kids, home responsibilities, and date time for my hubby and I.  Of course I will make sure to get in some run/walks and keep some mileage on the logs.

Good news has been that my knee is feeling better (despite me twisting it yesterday when I was helping my daughter with her crafts).  I think giving it a little rest and making sure it is taped has been helping.

I am also planning a visit to Charm City Run to get fitted for a new pair of kicks.  As my birthday (UGH) is coming up I figured I would get something I would definitely use...and I LOVE shoes of any kind!

I have just been very disconnected and feeling like nothing has been getting done - the organization will definitely help with that!

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