Thursday, May 17, 2012


I am a stubborn girl and will push through just about anything.  This week I had knee issues.  I always have knee issues - they come and go but this one is not going.

Monday I went for my walk at lunch (wearing an ace on my knee).  Then off to Jazzercise where I grimaced my way through the routines and popped some ibuprofen to get through.

Tuesday was another brace day!  My knee was still bad and I babied it a bit.  Still walked at lunch.  Hobbled through Jazzercise and got the look because I am normally all over the floor and a loud mouth to boot.  When you go from that to barely bending and tight lipped to keep from crying you get stares.

Wednesday I still had pain.  Tried to leave the brace off for most of the day and was able to walk without it.  Only used it during Jazzercise for the routines that are hard on the legs.  Made it but I hurt.  Got home and my calf and hamstring were soooooo sore.

Today I walked at lunch.  Back in my office the leg starts to feel fevered and sore.  Let me say that I never cop out of a class but I am today.  With the relay coming up I need to make sure I stay injury free.  So - I came home and took another short walk as that seems not to bother the knee.  Hopefully this will feel better.

Writing this blog as I sit here with an ice pack on my poor leg.  Little cold but praying for a pain free tomorrow.  Have I mentioned that I also HATE the doctor???

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