Wednesday, May 2, 2012


A few friends have suffered the loss of someone very near and dear to them over the past week.  It really makes you think about your life and what is important.  I also read an article today in Self by Jillian Michaels about the upcoming adoption of a 2 year old baby girl from Haiti.  The article focused a lot on balancing your life to make sure you still achieve "me" time without leaving out your family.

Lately I have tried to fit in all I can without sacrificing the time I spend with my family and fiends.  I can definitely say that at times it is hard and there has been some crazy juggling needed to get it all done.  My husband is extremely supportive and I could not do this without his help.

I have seen a drastic improvement in my mood, my fitness and my outlook and I owe a huge thanks to those who support my decisions and make my "me" time possible.

I have also seen several friends struggle with fitting in time for fitness while battling their illness to try to improve their health.  They have been such an inspiration to me and I have adopted the philosophy that if they can push through it then so can I!

I think I have pulled out of the work funk and am on my way to a better mood because I am grateful for so much in my life!

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