Monday, March 18, 2013

Goal Update 3.18.13

Fitness: Seriously slacked last week - I CAN DO BETTER!  I still think I need some time off between runs but I need to do other things and make it one more.  My times were OK last week but not great.  I need to get them back up again.  They were still under 15 but barely.  The weather looks yucky and I have a day off work this week.  I am telling myself to work out on my day off work and not lay around at home!

Hydration:  Stunk at drinking water but the coffee consumption is still better.  I need to drink more (typing as I am gulping!).

Vitamins:  Stunk at this too.  Ignoring the alarm.  Very bad.  Need to do better!

All in all I had a poo week.  I guess we are all entitled to a low mileage crappy week due to life's other challenges (whatever they may be).  Still - in looking back - I am not satisfied so I guess that is a good thing.  I know I can do better and I am determined to do just that!

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